Marathon Training

Marathon Training – Week 2 – Set Good Habits

Another week in the books! I have to say, I am feeling good, not overwhelmed and I am really looking forward to the coming months.

Ask me that in another 4 weeks and I may have a different response!

This week was all about setting good habits. Overall, I took 3 days rest and ran the other 4. My total miles went up to 11 from 9 miles last week.

Here is what my training looked like this week:

Running Template

Total Miles: 11.33

Fastest Mile: 11:14

Slowest Mile: 13:07 (Hills)

My favorite part of this week, was starting the hill training. Even though they are ABSOLUTELY the most horrible thing to do. I always feel great after them because I know I am pushing myself.

My least favorite thing that happened was my App failing on my run, so Saturday never got recorded “officially.” So it feels like it never happened. Ugh – all those miles lost! But I did attempt to run with my son in the stroller and that was great. It was great because I was able to spend the morning with him running.Stroller Run

Check back next Sunday for my Week 3 update!

But first, watch the video reap of my second week of training.




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