The Most Important Decision You Can Make as a Runner

Spending the time and money to get the best shoes for you will help keep you running comfortably and injury-free.

Here are the steps to finding the right running shoes for you.

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  1. Go to the experts – Find a running specialty store and spend the time there to ask the Salesperson lots of questions and options for you to try on. 
  2. Make sure the Salesperson looks at the shape and arch of your foot to figure out what type of foot (high arches, flat feet) you have. Figuring out your foot type is key to making sure you get the right running shoes. Get your foot measured, even if  you have been the same size for years, your running shoes should be ½ to a full size bigger to allow for swelling and for room in your toe box. Nobody wants blisters or black toenails. Yuck! 
  3. Get a running analysis done, the Salesperson will watch you run in running shoes. On a treadmill or outside and determine your running style. Whether you are overpronating (foot rolls inward) or supinating (foot rolls outward) when your foot strikes the ground. 
  4. Give the Salesperson information on the type of running you do, how often you run, where you typically run, training for a race and the surfaces you run on. 
  5. Run in the shoes that the salesperson recommends for you. Walking around in the shoes is not enough, run for the feeling of the fit, function, and comfort before making a decision. 
  6. Test your running shoes by running in them for a week if you develop blisters, numbness or other foot pain, they may not be the right shoes for you. Check the exchange policy with your running store allowing exchanges. 
  7. After you found your perfect running shoes, you don’t have to keep going back. But you will need to replace them every 300-400 miles. Write down the date you purchased your shoes on your shoe and keep track of the miles in your app. Try to find your shoes online for less money. 

Investing in your perfect running shoe is the best decision you can make as a runner.

What is your favorite shoe to run in?

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