Your Gear for Hot Weather Running

Runners need to take precautions when running in the heat and humidity to avoid heat-related illnesses. Your clothing choices can have a huge impact on your comfort and safety during hot runs.

Here are a few tips on how to dress property for hot weather running.

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  1. Wear Synthetic-Blend Clothing, NO COTTON (because it holds onto sweat and doesn’t dry quickly) CoolMax or DryFit to wik away the moisture from your skin
  2. Dress Lightly – light colored, loose fitting clothes
  3. Choose your running socks carefully – DO NOT wear 100% cotton socks, cotton keeps feet wet and will lead to blisters. Aim for the Synthetic blends that wik away the moisture
  4. Wear Shades – to help protect your eyes from the suns damaging rays
  5. Sunscreen – apply before getting dressed for your run. For your face pick a sunscreen that sticks so that is won’t run into your eyes. On your long runs prepare to bring sunscreen wipes or sunscreen in your belt.
  6. Carry a Water Bottle – The most important running ear, is a water bottle. Plenty of choices from a belt, backpack or hand-held. Go check out the different options and pick what is best for you.
  7. Wear a VISOR not a hat – Hat’s are too constrictive and traps in the heat. A visor will allow the heat to escape. Double score is a visor with a sweatband to absorb the sweat.

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