How to Run in the Heat

Are you feeling uncomfortable running in the heat? It will take you a couple of weeks of running in hot weather to get acclimated. And it WILL start to feel easier soon.

Here is some advice on how to stay safe and comfortable while running in the hot and humid weather.


  1. Run in the morning -whenever possible get up early, its nice and quiet, and the coolest part of the day. It also gets those endorphins going and makes you feel good all day long!
  2. Start out Slow – the longer you keep your body temperature down, the better the run will be.
  3. Plan a run with water fountain access. Run from Fountain to Fountain or Starbucks to Starbucks.
  4. Drink for Thirst – But the general run of thumb is to drink 4-6oz of water (think 4-6 big sips) every 20 minutes during your run. Sports drinks with electrolytes are also important, especially if you are running longer than an hour. 
  5. If you are running a route without water fountains, use a Fuel Belt or hand held water bottle. This way you have your hydration with you when you need it. This is so important when you start running longer and need to drink sports drinks on your runs. 
  6. Wear loose fitting, breathable clothes and light colors, no cotton which holds on to your sweat. Wear Synthetic fabrics that wix the moisture away. Wear thin non-cotton socks to avoid blisters and no long sleeves or tights – you will overheat.
  7. Hats are good, but in extreme heat they may hold onto the heat. If you wear a hat pour water on your heat to wet you hat to stay cool. A visor is the best option to shade your face and let your body cool through your head.
  8. Use a lubricant such as body glide to avoid chafing on body parts that rub.
  9. Use sunscreen, even in the morning the sun is strong and run in the shade wherever possible.
  10. Get some extra salt in your diet, since you lose a lot of salt through sweat and its important to keep your electrolytes in balance.
  11. Don’t run if its too hot.. Heat advisories are no joke, it is better to take off than get heat stroke or if you have access to indoor activities, opt for that.
  12. Don’t have high expectations of your run when its really hot and humid. You may feel sluggish and slow, but it is better to be conservative than to be aggressive and have problems.
  13. Be aware of the signs of heat illness. If you get dizzy, chills, nausea, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, confusion, tingling, or stop sweating. STOP running immediately sit down in the shade and hydrate.

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