Marathon Training

Marathon Training – Week 1

This is the start of my post-partum running journey. Today I started to train for the Chicago Marathon and I couldn’t be more excited.

Before I had my son I was an avid runner and triathlete.

This is my comeback marathon after having a baby. I am testing myself to see if this feels any different, how my body reacts to training and to prove to myself that I still have it in me.

I hope that this journey inspires you, because if I can do this anyone can!

Here is what Week 1 of Marathon training looked like.

To watch the LIVE Vlog, I have included it below..

I am doing a 17 week training program where I am gradually increasing my miles, running hill repeats, working on my form and staying safe when running in the hot weather. Oh, and also hope some of the extra baby weight will fall off as part of this process.

Here is daily breakdown:

June 4th, Monday – Easy Pace 1.9 Miles, 24 minutes (Hilly Run)

Tuesday – Off

June 6th, Wednesday – Easy Pace 2.1 Miles, 21 minutes (DTLA)

June 7th, Thursday – Easy Pace 1.1 Mile, 13 minutes, 121 ft elevation gain (getting over my fear of the dark)

Friday – Off

June 10th Saturday – Test, Easy Pace 3 Miles, 40 minutes, 309ft elevation gain (Hilly Run)

Sunday – Off

Total Miles: 9.2 Miles, 4 days of running, 3 days off

Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18, Size 9

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