How to Have Good Running Form

Improved running form can help you run faster, more efficiently and comfortably, and with less stress on your body and reduce injury risk.

Follow these tips to work on perfecting your running form:

  1. Look Ahead – Eyes should be focused on the ground about 10-20 feet ahead of you. Don’t stare at your feet.
  2. Land Mid-Foot – Don’t be a toe-runner or a heel-striker. Try landing on the middle of your foot and then roll through to the front of your toes. Check out my video on way you can practice this technique.
  3. Keep your feet pointed straight ahead – toes are pointed in the direction you want to go.
  4. Keep Hands at your waist – Keep your hands at waist level, right about where htye might lightly brush your hips. Arms should be bent at 90 degree angel.
  5. Relax your hands – Keep them relaxed as possible. Pretend you are gently cupping your hands to hold an egg and you don’t want to break it. Don’t clench  your fists cause it can lead to tightness.
  6. Check your posture – Straight and erect. Head should be up, your back straight, and shoulders level. Don’t lean forward. Sometimes runners have a tendency to lean forward, which means they are getting fatigues. When you tired and feel yourself slouching – poke your chest out.
  7. Relax your shoulders – Shoulders should be relaxed and square or facing forward, not hunched over.
  8. Rotate your arms from the shoulder – This of your arm as a pendulum swinging back and forth at your shoulder. Let your elbow drive backwards and then let it swing back toward you.
  9. Don’t Bounce – Keep your stride low to the ground and focus on quick stride-turnover, too much up and down movement is wasted energy and hard on your lower body.
  10. Keep your arms at your side – Imagine a vertical line splitting your body in half. Your hands should not cross it.

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