Should you do a Practice Race?

Practice Race before your race? But your training for your “big” race, why do you need to run a practice race?

Because… Races are a great way to practice all the things you’ll be doing for your half or full marathon – lining up for the start, pacing, running in crowds, taking water from the aid stations, etc. Even if you’re an experienced racer, running races during training can help you evaluate your fitness.

I encourage you to do at least one practice race if you haven’t already and, ideally, another one that’s a little closer to your race. Some runners like to use some of the longer races as part of their long runs because you get the benefits of aid stations, mile markers, and even some people cheering for you along the way.

So if you are training for a half, sign up for a 10k or 5k. If you are training for a marathon, how about a half marathon or 18 miler?

Check out running websites in your area to see what races you can sign up for.


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