How to Prepare for your Long Run

Your long runs are your dress rehearsals for your half or full marathon!
Remember: Nothing new on race day!  This should all be familiar to you, but here are some important reminders:

Plan your outfit. Get your favorite shorts, sports bra, socks, etc. ready the night before so you’re not searching for things right before the run.

Pre-run breakfast: Finish your breakfast at least an hour before you’re scheduled to start running. This is a good chance to practice what you’ll eat race morning!

Stay hydrated: During the days before your long run, keep a water bottle at your side and make sure you’re staying hydrated all day long.

Take it easy Friday: If you run or workout on Friday, keep it easy. Skip happy hour Friday night (sorry! alcohol dehydrates you) and get to bed early.

What to bring:  Come prepared with some of your own fluids, bottles, Fuel belts, etc, and nutrition (whatever foods you’ve been practicing with). Don’t forget your Body Glide (or other anti-chafing product) and sunscreen. Also bring your post-run recovery nutrition and anything else you might need immediately after your run – change of clothes/shoes, Stick or other massage tool, etc.

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