Marathon Training

Marathon Training – Week 4 – Develop Consistency

Month 1 is DONE! Wow, that flew by guys!

Anyone out there training for a fall marathon with me? Would love to hear how your training is going.

This week was all about DEVELOPING CONSISTENCY.

Here is what my training looked like:

Week 4

Monday: 2:10 miles/12:29 pace. Tempo run with Paula – I recently started using the Nike Run Club app to track my progress (I was using Strava) and I am loving it! So many guided workouts to choose from. AND they are all geared around the Chicago Marathon, which is what I am currently training for.

Tuesday: 1:02 miles. Morning run on tired legs plus the hills had me headed for home early.


Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 4.01 miles after work, seem to always have a bit more energy later in the day.

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off – my husband was working this Saturday so my Long Run had to be pushed back to Sunday.

Sunday: 8.58 miles, 1 hour 46 minutes and 58 seconds! I had an average pace of 12:27 which is what I want to maintain for the marathon.

Total Mileage: 15.71 miles

Fastest Mile: 11:49 minutes

Slowest Mile: 13:28 minutes

Long Run: 8.58 miles

As I wrap up Month 1, I am feeling optimistic, positive and proud of myself for sticking to my training. Not every run went as planned and those hills are crazy hard but I am in this to prove to myself that I still have it in me. IMG_4585




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